2000 Releases Archive

15 Minutes (2001)

Taglines: “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” – Andy Warhol, 1967 When

Lucky Numbers (2000)

Taglines: When they put their heads together… it’s a no brainer. Winter, 1988: Harrisburg PA’s celebrity

Woman on Top (2000)

Taglines: a sexy, delicious fairy tale. Isabella is a great cook, making her husband’s restaurant in

Bless the Child (2000)

Taglines: Mankind’s last hope just turned six. Omens and concepts of good vs. evil have no

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)

Professor Sherman Klump is getting married. And the Klump family could not be more delighted for

I Dreamed of Africa (2000)

Taglines: Sometimes the adventure of a lifetime becomes life itself. Kuki, a divorced Italian socialite, changes

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000)

Taglines: Get ready to rock! Before the Flintstones were everyone’s favorite Stone Age family, Fred was

Where the Heart Is (2000)

Taglines: Discover where the emotion is…the friendship is…and the laughter is… Novalee Nation is a pregnant

Where the Money Is (2000)

Taglines: Another con. Another sting. Another day. Carol Ann MacKay is a fine, popular nurse at

Whatever It Takes (2000)

Taglines: How low will they go to get the girls of their dreams? Ryan (Shane West)

Drowning Mona (2000)

Taglines: The death of Mona Dearly wasn’t so much a whodunnit, as a who didn’t. After

Reindeer Games (2000)

Taglines: The trap is set. The game is on. After being imprisoned for six years on

Next Friday (2000)

Taglines: the suburbs make the hood look good. Debo has escaped from prison and is looking

X-Men Movie Trailer (2000)

The origin story is crucial to all superhero epics, from the gods of ancient Greece right

X-Men (2000)

Taglines: Protecting Those Who Fear Them. In the near future, when children are being born with

The Whole Nine Yards (2000)

Taglines: Life’s a comedy. It’s all in the execution. Oz is a Montréal dentist, paying off