Fine Line Features Archive

The Holy Girl – La Niña Santa (2005)

ENT physicians gather at a provincial hotel in Salta. The hotel owner, Helena, is subdued, brittle,

Maria Full of Grace (2004)

Tagline: They missed each other. This time, their aim is better. HBO Films and Fine Line

The Sea Inside (2004)

The real-life story of Spaniard Ramon Sampedro, who fought a 30 year campaign in favor of

Elephant (2004)

Taglines: An ordinary high school day. Except that it’s not. The story is about two high

American Splendor (2003)

Taglines: Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff. Harvey Pekar is file clerk at the local VA

Ripley’s Game (2003)

Taglines: Older. Wiser. More talented. Tom Ripley – cool, urbane, wealthy, and murderous – lives in

Storytelling (2002)

Storytelling follows two separate, unrelated stories of the angst, frustration, depression of the youth of today

Human Nature (2002)

Taglines: In the Interest of Civilization… Conform. A philosophical burlesque, Human Nature follows the ups and

The Anniversary Party (2001)

Taglines: It’s not a party until something gets broken. Celebrity couple Joe and Sally Therrian are

Saving Grace (2000)

Taglines: Take the high road to a comedy that truly lights up. A widow discovers after

Dancer in the Dark (2000)

Taglines: In a world of shadows, she found the light of life. 1964 in small town

Before Night Falls (2001)

Episodic look at the life of Cuban poet and novelist, Reinaldo Arenas (1943-1990), from his childhood

Simpatico (2000)

Taglines: How much can three friends share? As youths in Azusa, Vinnie, Carter, and Rosie pull