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The Gathering (2006)

Taglines: The horror is real. The terror eternal. Set in rural England in present day, “The

Kinky Boots (2006)

Tagline: How far would you go to save the family business? From the makers of “Calendar

The Night Listener (2006)

Tagline: Listen for the truth. Gabriel Noone is a late night radio-host in a big city,

The Queen (2006)

Tagline: Tradition prepared her. Change will define her. The Queen takes audiences behind the scenes of

Tootsi (2006)

Tagline: In this world… redemption just comes once. Set amidst the sprawling Johannesburg township of Soweto

An Unfinished Life (2005)

Every secret takes on a life of its own. Set against the rugged ranchlands of Wyoming,

The Great Raid (2005)

The most daring rescue mission of our time is a story that has never been told.

Hostage (2005)

Tagline: Would you sacrifice another family to save your own? Devastated by a hostage situation that

The Libertine (2005)

Tagline: He didn’t resist temptation. He pursued it. ‘The Libertine’ follows the adventures of John Wilmot,

Proof (2005)

Taglines: The biggest risk in life is not taking one. The movie opens with Catherine (Gwyneth

Underclassman (2005)

Tagline: A comedy about upholding the law and disturbing the peace. A baby-faced 24-year-old detective, who

My Baby’s Daddy (2004)

Tagline: They’re going from players to playtime. Lonnie (Griffin), G (Anderson) and Dominic (Imperioli) are three

The Aviator (2004)

Tagline: Some men dream the future. He built it. Biopic of billionaire Howard Hughes, starting with

Finding Neverland (2004)

Tagline: Unlock Your Imagination. 1903 London. Renowned playwright J.M. Barrie (James)’s latest effort has garnered less