New Line Cinema Archive

Final Destination 3 (2006)

On what should be one of the happiest days of her life, high school senior Wendy

Hoot (2006)

Tagline: It’s time to stand up for the little guys. Based on the Carl Hiaasen’s Newbery

How to Eat Fried Worms (2006)

Rew Town. New Friends. New Menu. Based on Thomas Rockwell’s novel, this is the story of

Little Children (2006)

Echoes of “Madame Bovary” in the American suburbs. Sarah’s in a loveless marriage to an advertising

The Nativity Story (2006)

Tagline: One family. One journey. One child who would change the world forever. The story of

Running Scared (2006)

Tagline: Every bullet leaves a trail. Critically acclaimed director Wayne Kramer (director of The Cooler –

Snakes on a Plane (2006)

Tagline: Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the fright. After witnessing gangster Eddie Kim brutally beat U.S. Prosecutor

Take the Lead (2006)

Tagline: Never Follow. Follows the story of a French emigrant who volunteers at an inner-city high

Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (2006)

Tagline: The greatest motion picture of all time. Comedians / musicians Jack Black and Kyle Gass

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)

Tagline: Witness the birth of fear. It’s 1969. The conflict in Vietnam has exploded. The toll

A History of Violence (2005)

Tom Stall had a perfect life… until he became a hero. “A History of Violence” stars

Domino (2005)

Tagline: Smart. Daring. Defiant and dangerous. As well as beautiful. Based on the true story of

Just Friends (2005)

Tagline: He loves her. She loves him not. The romantic comedy Just Friends stars Ryan Reynolds

King’s Ransom (2005)

Tagline: Big Man, Big Plan, Big Mistake. Anthony Anderson stars as Malcolm King, a wealthy and