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A Perfect Getaway Movie Trailer (2009)

All About A Perfect Getaway Cast as Nick’s girlfriend, the perky-buttough Southern girl Gina, was actress

An Education Movie Trailer (2009)

All About An Education “We’re right at that moment when the door is just being pushed

Adam Movie Trailer (2009)

Theory of Mind THEORY OF MIND: Noun. 1. the ability to conceive of mental states –

Adventureland Movie Trailer (2009)

All About Adventureland As it turned out, “Superbad” soon became one of the biggest and most

Amelia Movie Trailer (2009)

All About Amelia “Amelia is a love story and an action-adventure for the whole family, about

Angels and Demons Movie Trailer (2009)

All About Angels and Demons Under the watchful eyes of Father Silvano Bentivoglio (Carmen Argenziano) and

Antichrist Movie Trailer (2009)

Antichrist and Chapters Prologue: With background music “Lascia ch’io pianga” from Handel’s Rinaldo (1711). A couple’s

Avatar Movie Trailer (2009)

All About Avatar Jake becomes the “wrong guy” to have placed in such a volatile position.

Away We Go Movie Trailer (2009)

jh4>All About Away We Go In terms of casting the leads, Saxon notes, “When we met

Bandslam Movie Trailer (2009)

Let’s Start A Rock Band When it came time to cast Bandslam’s three leads, the filmmakers

Bride Wars Movie Trailer (2009)

All About Bride Wars With Winick at the helm, BRIDE WARS moved quickly into production. Hudson

Broken Embraces – Los Abrazos Rotos Movie Trailer (2009)

All About Broken Embraces Editing The plot of “Broken Embraces” dramatizes the importance of editing, its

Case 39 Movie Trailer (2009)

The Caseworker Renee Zellweger is Emily Jenkins CASE 39 is anchored by a bold performance from

Coco Before Chanel Movie Trailer (2009)

Coco Before Chanel Production Designs The production designer, Olivier Radot, was responsible for the sets in

Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie Trailer (2009)

Dressing Shopaholic Award-Winning Costume Designer Patricia Field Sizes Up the Film Filmmakers knew that a film

Couples Retreat Movie Trailer (2009)

All About Couples Retreat With Billingsley signed as director, the project was set up at Universal