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A Perfect Getaway Movie Trailer (2009)

All About A Perfect Getaway Cast as Nick’s girlfriend, the perky-buttough Southern girl Gina, was actress

A Perfect Getaway (2009)

Tagline: 6 strangers. 2 killers. No getting away. A young couple celebrating their honeymoon go backpacking

Planet Terror (Grindhouse) Movie Trailer (2007)

Sickos, Short Skirts, Explosions and Blood Rodriguez’s script not only challenged his actors, but it also

Planet Terror (Grindhouse) (2007)

Taglines: You might feel a little prick. In a rural town in Texas, go-go dancer Cherry

The Last Kiss Movie Trailer (2006)

Casting The Last Kiss From the very beginning, the filmmakers saw “The Last Kiss” as an

The Last Kiss (2006)

Taglines: We all make choices. What’s yours? Michael and Jenna, having been a couple for three

Uptown Girls (2003)

Taglines: They’re about to teach each other how to act their age. Molly Gunn, played by

Valentine Movie Trailer (2001)

Valentine is another in a long line of movies about “hip” teens/20-somethings being “haunted by their

Valentine (2001)

Taglines: Scared to be alone on Valentine’s Day? You should be. Valentine’s Day 1988: At the