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Miss Conception (2008)

Tagline: She’s seeking Mr. Right now. Georgina Salt (Heather Graham) is a young English contracter living

The Black Dahlia Movie Trailer (2006)

Screenwriter Josh Friedman was originally tasked to hone Ellroy’s 300-plus-page “The Black Dahlia” into a filmable

The Black Dahlia (2006)

Taglines: Inspired by the most notorious unsolved murder in California history. In 1946, the former boxers

New Best Friend (2002)

Taglines: How far would you go to fit in? At fancy, private Colby University, in the

Not Another Teen Movie Trailer (2001)

I suppose I should be grateful. After years of ridiculing teen movies, here’s one that does

Not Another Teen Movie (2011)

Taglines: They served you Breakfast. They gave you Pie. Now we’re gonna stuff your face. At