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A Perfect Getaway Movie Trailer (2009)

All About A Perfect Getaway Cast as Nick’s girlfriend, the perky-buttough Southern girl Gina, was actress

A Perfect Getaway (2009)

Tagline: 6 strangers. 2 killers. No getting away. A young couple celebrating their honeymoon go backpacking

The Great Buck Howard (2009)

Taglines: Greatness is a state of mind. Defying his father and dropping out of law school,

Sunshine Cleaning Movie Trailer (2009)

All About Sunshine Cleaning At the center of Sunshine Cleaning are Rose and Norah Lorkowski, a

Sunshine Cleaning (2009)

Tagline: Life is a messy business. A single mom and her slacker sister find an unexpected

Strange Wilderness (2008)

Tagline: They could solve nature’s biggest mystery if they only had a clue. Strange Wilderness is

Bandidas (2006)

Taglines: Definitely wanted. Set in Mexico during the 1850s, the film tells the story of Sara

Chicken Little (2005)

Tagline: This time the sky really is falling. The movie picks up where the classic fable

Sahara (2005)

Tagline: Dirk Pitt. Adventure has a new name. Master explorer Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey) takes on

Shattered Glass (2003)

Taglines: Read between the lies. Early 1998. Twenty-five year old Stephen Glass is the youngest of

National Security (2003)

Taglines: They only look like cops. Earl and Hank have only one thing in common: they’re

Stuart Little 2 (2002)

Taglines: A Little Goes A Long Way. Two years after the first film, Stuart Little (Michael

Saving Silverman (2001)

Taglines: They swore nothing would come between them. Then evil walked in the door. Neil Diamond

Riding in Cars with Boys (2001)

Taglines: Beverly could’ve had it all. Instead, she had a son. Seriocomic story based on the

Joy Ride (2001)

Taglines: Don’t screw with people you don’t know. After forays into film noir, thrillers, dramas, and