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The Muse (1999)

Taglines: In Goddess we trust. What happens when a screenwriter (Brooks) loses his edge, he turns

Safe Men (1998)

Taglines: Welcome to the world of disorganised crime. Two untalented singers are mistaken for a pair

Hilary and Jackie (1999)

Taglines: The true story of two sisters who shared a passion, a madness and a man.

High Art (1998)

Taglines: a story of ambition, sacrifice, seduction and other career moves. Sydney (or simply “Syd”), age

Alice and Martin (1998)

Taglines: If life is a trap, love is the escape. At the age of 20, Martin

Lost Highway (1997)

Fred Madison, a Los Angeles saxophonist, receives a message on the intercom of his house: “Dick

Career Girls (1997)

Taglines: This Holliday Weekend spend in the company of women. Career girls opens with a train

The Apostle (1997)

Taglines: The hardest soul to save was his own. Eulis ‘Sonny’ Dewey is a preacher from

Secrets and Lies (1996)

The film tells the story of Hortense Cumberbatch, a successful black middle class optometrist in London,

The Funeral (1996)

Taglines: Once you pull the trigger, there’s no going back. In the 30’s, in New York,

Breaking the Waves (1996)

Taglines: Love is a mighty power. Drama set in a repressed, deeply religious community in the

When Night Is Falling (1995)

Taglines: A visual treat on lust. Camille and Martin are in love and teachers at a

Search and Destroy (1995)

Taglines: A screwball tragedy. Middle-aged Martin Mirkhein (Griffin Dunne) is a complete failure. He’s run a

Haunted (1995)

Taglines: You will believe… Professor David Ash is invited to Edbrook to calm the fears of

The Addiction (1995)

Taglines: The dark is their sunlight. What makes them different is what keeps them alive. Director

The Last Seduction (1994)

Taglines: She wants it all… & she wants it now… Bridget Gregory (Linda Fiorentino) has a

Killing Zoe (1994)

Professional safe-cracker Zed comes to Paris to help a childhood friend, Eric, with a bank heist.

Ruby in Paradise (1993)

Taglines: A woman’s search for herself, Ruby, a young woman, arrives in a Florida resort town

The Cement Garden (1994)

Taglines: Love knows no limits. After the death of her husband, the mother of Julie, Jack,