Jeff Daniels Archive

My Favorite Martian (1999)

Taglines: The Martian has landed. There goes the neighborhood. News producer Tim O’Hara (Jeff Daniels) is

Pleasantville (1998)

Taglines: Pleasantville – It’s Just Around the Corner. David Wagner is a kid whose mind is

Fly Away Home (1996)

After her mother Aliane dies in a car accident, 13-year-old Amy Alden (Anna Paquin) is brought

101 Dalmatians (1996)

Taglines: This time, the magic is real. American video game designer Roger Dearly (Jeff Daniels) lives

2 Days in the Valley (1996)

Taglines: Over the next 2 days, ten people will find out what they have in common…

Speed (1994)

Taglines: Get ready for rush hour. Los Angeles SWAT officers Jack Traven and Harry Temple thwart

Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Taglines: What the one doesn’t have, the other is missing… Harry and Lloyd are two good

Gettysburg (1993)

Taglines: Same Land. Same God. Different Dreams. The four and 1/4 hour depiction of the historical

There Goes the Neighborhood (1992)

Prison psychologist Willis Embry reports for work at a New Jersey jail. His day has not

Rain Without Thunder (1993)

Allison Goldring, an upper-class, white college student, becomes pregnant with her boyfriend Jeremy Tanner (Steve Zahn).

Love Hurts (1991)

Taglines: A painfully romantic comedy. Paul Weaver (Jeff Daniels) and his boozy dad Boomer (John Mahoney)

The Butcher’s Wife (1991)

Taglines: There’s magic in the air. As a clairvoyant, Marina awaits signs from beyond that her

Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael (1990)

Taglines: She doesn’t want much. Just a whole new life. Although Roxy left town more than

Arachnophobia (1990)

Taglines: Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude. A large spider from the jungles of South