Armed and Dangerous (1986)

Armed and Dangerous (1986)

Taglines: Undercover. Overdressed. And keeping you safe from the scum of the earth.

Officer Frank Dooley (John Candy) of the LAPD is framed for the theft of a television set by two corrupt detectives. He is dismissed from the force, but escapes criminal punishment at his day in court. The court’s next case features hapless defense attorney Norman Kane (Eugene Levy) attempting to defend a white supremacist leader, who threatens him with death should Kane fail to keep him out of prison. A fearful Kane reveals his ineptitude and the death threat to the judge (Stacy Keach, Sr.), who agrees to render a long sentence if Kane promises to leave law behind.

Dooley and Kane meet one another when they both apply for work at Guard Dog Security, a low-rent firm run by gruff “Captain” Clarence O’Connell (Kenneth McMillan) and part of a security guard’s union requiring heavy contributions represented by Klepper (Jonathan Banks) and Lazarus (Brion James).

Becoming licensed security guards after a single afternoon of training, Dooley and Kane are made partners by supervisor Maggie Cavanaugh (Meg Ryan) and assigned to night duty at a pharmaceutical company’s warehouse. After being loudly ordered to take a lunch break by senior guard Bruno (Tom Lister, Jr.), Kane happens upon an armed robbery of the warehouse and calls to Frank for help, but they prove no match for the thieves.

The next day, the pair are berated and fined $100 each by O’Connell for their failure, leaving them suspicious. While venting their anger toward O’Connell, Maggie reveals that she is his daughter. Dooley and Kane then attend a meeting of the union, where Kane’s attempt to file a grievance against Guard Dog is quashed by union president Michael Carlino (Robert Loggia). Kane pointedly questions Carlino about how the union dues, adding to about $4 million per year, are spent. After Kane rejects an evasive answer from Union treasurer Lou Brackman (James Tolkan), an enraged Carlino threatens Kane with violence should he ever attend another union meeting and abruptly adjourns.

Armed and Dangerous is a 1986 American action-crime comedy film starring John Candy, Eugene Levy, Robert Loggia and Meg Ryan. It was directed by Mark L. Lester and filmed on location in and around Los Angeles, California.

Armed and Dangerous Movie Poster (1986)

Armed and Dangerous (1986)

Directed by: Mark L. Lester
Starring: John Candy, Meg Ryan, Eugene Levy, Kenneth McMillan, Robert Loggia, Don Stroud, Steve Railsback, Larry Flash Jenkins
Screenplay by: Harold Ramis
Production Design by: David L. Snyder
Cinematography by: Fred Schuler
Film Editing by: Daniel P. Hanley, Mike Hill, Gregory Prange
Costume Design by: Deborah Lynn Scott
Set Decoration by: Tom Pedigo
Music by: Bill Meyers
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
Release Date: August 15, 1986