Black Moon Rising (1986)

Black Moon Rising (1986)

Taglines: There’s a darker side to Sam Quint. Steal from him and you’ll find out…

A professional thief is hired by the FBI to steal a data tape from a company under investigation. The analysis of this tape, will prove the criminal activities of this company. As this thief is discovered in his attempt, he hides the tape inside a prototype car, but unfortunately there is someone else interested in this vehicle.

Black Moon Rising is an action film made in 1986 directed by Harley Cokliss and written by John Carpenter. The focus of the film was the theft of a prototype vehicle called the Black Moon. Black Moon Rising stars Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton, Robert Vaughn, Richard Jaeckel, Lee Ving, Bubba Smith, Dan Shor and William Sanderson.

About the Story

Sam Quint (Tommy Lee Jones) is a former thief hired by the FBI to steal a computer disk which contains incriminating evidence against The Lucky Dollar Corporation of Las Vegas. After stealing the disk, Quint is pursued by Marvin Ringer (Lee Ving), another former thief and acquaintance who works for the company.

At the same time, a prototype vehicle called the Black Moon, which can reach speeds of 325 MPH and runs on tap water, is being tested in the desert by Earl Windom (Richard Jaeckel). Quint and Windom later cross paths at a gas station, where Quint hides the disk in the back bumper of the Black Moon. Windom is hauling the Black Moon to Los Angeles, and Quint, still being pursued by Ringer and his men, follows Windom and his team there.

Black Moon Rising (1986) - Linda Hamilton

Now in LA, Quint meets with FBI agent Johnson (Bubba Smith), and he demands double pay and a clean passport because he is now dealing with Ringer. Afterward, Quint tracks down Windom and the Black Moon at a posh restaurant, where Windom is negotiating a deal to sell the prototype to a car manufacturer. Before Quint can get to the disk, a group of auto thieves, led by Nina (Linda Hamilton), steals all of the cars in the parking lot, including the Black Moon off of its trailer. Quint gives chase, and tracks the cars to an office tower, but loses them in the parking garage.

Inside the garage, Quint is seen on the security cameras, but nobody recognizes him. Back at the restaurant, Quint meets Johnson again. Johnson says he needs the disk in three days or the government’s case against The Lucky Dollar will be thrown out of court. He also tells Quint that if he fails to deliver the disk, he won’t get paid. Quint then goes to Windom and his team and asks for their help in getting the car back, but they refuse, insisting that they go to the police first.

Black Moon Rising Movie Poster (1986)

Black Moon Rising (1986)

Directed by: Harley Cokeliss
Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton, Robert Vaughn, Richard Jaeckel, Lee Ving, Bubba Smith, Dan Shor, William Sanderson
Screenplay by: John Carpenter
Production Design by: Bryan Ryman
Cinematography by: Misha Suslov
Film Editing by: Todd C. Ramsay
Costume Design by: Jack Buehler
Set Decoration by: Aleka Corwin
Music by: Lalo Schifrin
Distributed by: New World Pictures
Release Date: January 10, 1986