Deadline – Witness in the War Zone (1987)

Deadline - Witness in the War Zone (1987)

Taglines: Sometimes a hero doesn’t carry a gun.

Don Stevens is an ace reporter sent to Beirut, Lebanon to report on the Lebanese civil war. There he befriends English journalist Mike Jessop, who’s staying at the same hotel as him. Stevens’ downfall begins when he manages to get an exclusive interview with the head of one of the main factions in the war, the Palestine Liberation Organization headed by Yassin Abu-Riadd.

When he sends the taped interview in, he learns that the man he spoke with was in fact not Abu-Riadd but an impersonator. In an attempt to salvage his reputation and save his career, Stevens goes back to find out who set him up and why. However, all three sides in the war try to stop his investigation and his life comes into danger.

Stevens comes to realize that he’s a pawn in a huge deadly conspiracy and if he fails to uncover it, many innocent people will die. He finally gets a breakthrough, when he meets Linda Larsen, a Scandinavian doctor who might be able to take him to the real Abu-Riadd.

Deadline is a 1987 war/drama film about a journalist amidst the Lebanese civil war who is set up and fed false information. The film was directed by Nathaniel Gutman. Christopher Walken stars as main role, “ace reporter” Don Stevens. It was shot in Israel and Christopher Walken won the Magnolia Award for “Best Actor” in Shanghai International TV Festival. It was released in some countries under the title Witness in the War Zone.

Deadline - Witness in the War Zone Movie Poster (1987)

Deadline – Witness in the War Zone (1987)

Directed by: Nathaniel Gutman
Starring: Christopher Walken, Hywel Bennett, Marita Marschall, Shlomo Bar-Aba, Gabi Shoshan, Arnon Zadok, Martin Umbach
Screenplay by: Hanan Peled
Production Design by: Yoram Barzilai, Jürgen Henze
Cinematography by: Thomas Mauch, Amnon Salomon
Film Editing by: Peter Przygodda
Costume Design by: Rona Doron
Music by: Hans Jansen, Jacques Zwart
Distributed by: Virgin Vision
Release Date: September 11, 1987