Girls Against Boys Theatrical Trailer

College student Shae (Danielle Panabaker) blows off going to a party with her friend Karen (Reyna de Courcy) to go to The Hamptons for the weekend with her boyfriend Terry (Andrew Howard), an older man who is separated from his wife. That evening, Terry comes round to her apartment. He apologises and says that they can’t see each other any more – he and his wife have decided to reconcile, for the sake of their daughter.

The next day, Shae goes shopping at a farmer’s market and sees Terry with his wife and daughter. She follows them to their house and he notices her. They do not speak and after he closes the door, she leaves. That night, she goes to a bar where she works. Feeling unwell during her shift, she goes to the cloak room and starts to cry. She is interrupted by her colleague Lu (Nicole LaLiberte), who comforts her and invites her out for a drink.

Girls Against Boys Theatrical Trailer

They go out to another bar where they meet Simon (Michael Stahl-David), Eric (Carmine DiBenedetto) and Duncan (Will Brill). They drink and dance with them and then go back to Eric and Duncan’s apartment. Shae kisses Simon and then goes to the bathroom, where she falls asleep. Feeling unwell again, she decides to go home.

Simon offers to take her home, saying that he was about to leave anyway. They get a taxi together and are dropped off outside her apartment. He asks if he can come up, but she tells him she has a boyfriend. He persists, asking first for her number and then for a kiss goodnight. She tells him to leave and he becomes violent, grabbing her neck and forcibly kissing her. She hits him and runs upstairs. Before she can unlock her door, he catches her, pushes her onto the floor and rapes her.

Girls Against Boys Theatrical Trailer

Later, in her apartment, Shae tries to call her mom and Karen, but can only reach their voicemails. With no-one to talk to, she goes to Terry’s house. He is furious that she has turned up at his house unannounced and takes her home. They go into her apartment and Shae, having not told him that she was raped yet, hugs him. He misunderstands and starts kissing her. She tells him to stop but he tries to force himself on her. She shouts at him to get off her and starts crying.

He leaves, telling her that he doesn’t know what she wants from him. Lu calls her and they go to a police station to report the crime. There, the hostile and skeptical Officer Daniels (Matthew Rauch) gives her paperwork to fill in and sends her to the waiting area. Shae files her report with an unsympathetic detective (Kelvin Hale) and Lu notices Daniels looking at her. She flirts with him and she asks him if he wants to go somewhere to have sex. They do and she cuffs him to the bed, takes his gun and shoots him.

Girls Against Boys is an American thriller film written and directed by Austin Chick and starring Danielle Panabaker, Nicole LaLiberte. Liam Aiken, Michael Stahl-David, and Andrew Howard.

Girls Against Boys

Directed by: Austin Chick
Starring: Danielle Panabaker, Nicole LaLiberte, Liam Aiken, Michael Stahl-David, Andrew Howard
Screenplay by: Austin Chick
Production Design by: Jeanelle Marie
Cinematography by: Kat Westergaard
Costume Design by: Kama K. Royz
Set Decoration by: Lauren Heanes
Music by: Nathan Larson
MPAA Rating: R for violence, some sexual content / nudity and language.
Studio: Anchor Bay Films
Release Date: February 1, 2013

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