Girls Nite Out (1982)

Girls Nite Out (1982)

Taglines: They all went in, but only a few got out!

At Weston Hills Sanitarium, Dickie Cavanaugh is found hanging in his cell. Cavanaugh’s sister gives permission to two gravediggers to bury the body. While the two men are digging the hole for Cavanaugh’s body, they are attacked and murdered by an unseen killer who throws their corpses into the burial plot and buries them.

At DeWitt University, the basketball team won a championship game, and an all-night scavenger hunt will take place the next evening for the female students. Lynn and her boyfriend/star player Teddy Ratliff celebrate the victory at the diner, and the waitress Barney is thrilled for the team. Lynn, Teddy, and other students attend a party that evening, where the story of Dickie circulates among freshman who are unaware of his recent death.

They are told that Cavanaugh murdered his girlfriend Penny in a jealous rage and is locked away in the sanitarium. Lynn becomes jealous over Teddy’s attraction to Dawn Sorenson and misfit Mike Pryor gets into a fight with his girlfriend Sheila. Soon, school mascot Michael Benson is stabbed in his dorm room after arriving back from the party, and his bear mascot costume is stolen by the killer.

The following day, Mike Pryor is questioned by campus security officer Jim MacVey over the fight with his girlfriend; MacVey’s daughter Penny was Dickie Cavanaugh’s girlfriend. Later that evening, the campus radio DJ broadcasts the clues to the scavenger hunt, which are received by the girls on their portable radios. Meanwhile, the killer who is dressed in the bear costume, is armed with serrated knives mimicking bear claws.

Girls Nite Out (also known as The Scaremaker) is a 1982 American slasher film written and produced by Anthony N. Gurvis, directed by Robert Deubel, and stars Julia Montgomery, Suzanne Barnes, Rutanya Alda, and Hal Holbrook. The film focuses on a group of college girls who are targeted by a killer in a bear mascot costume during an all-night scavenger hunt on their campus.

Girls Nite Out Movie Poster (1982)

Girls Nite Out (1982)

Directed by: Robert Deubel
Starring: Julia Montgomery, James Carroll, Suzanne Barnes, Rutanya Alda, Lauren-Marie Taylor, David Holbrook, Laura Summer, Lois Robbins
Screenplay by: Gil Spencer Jr., Kevin Kurgis
Production Design by: Howard Cummings
Cinematography by: Joe Rivers
Film Editing by: Arthur Ginsberg
Costume Design by: Maija
Art Direction by: Richard Hoover, Peter Schulberg
Distributed by: Independent International Pictures
Release Date: June 20, 1982