My Chauffeur (1986)

My Chauffeur (1986)

Taglines: He broke the first commandment of the rich and famous. He fell in love with the help.

Casey Meadows is a free-spirited young woman working as a dishwasher in an upscale restaurant. One day she receives a hand-delivered job offer as a driver for Brentwood Limousine Service. The company manager, McBride is appalled at Casey’s young, brash presence… and the fact that she’s a woman in an all-male establishment. McBride soon learns that Mr. Witherspoon, the company owner, personally handpicked her and offered the letter of employment. McBride reluctantly agrees to hire her, but warns her that she will be fired if she steps out of line.

Casey experiences sexism and chauvinism from her fellow, (mostly older) limo drivers. While frustrated at her lack of acceptance and tolerance amongst her new co-workers, she does manage to find some kindness and support in Jeremy O’Brien, an older Irish driver. Jeremy convinces her to tough it out and give the change-hating men time to adjust to her presence. She agrees to stay.

Casey is routinely given bad assignments that are engineered to get her fired. Her first job is driving a high, oversexed and hung-over British punk rock singer named “Cat Fight” (Leland Crooke) to his concert. Casey finds Cat Fight in a motel bed with his three women backup dancers in a drug-induced stupor. Realizing she’ll be fired if she doesn’t deliver him to the concert, she takes a cooler full of ice water and dumps it on Cat Fight’s bed and manages to get Cat Fight and the three women into the car. Casey manages to bring him into the arena just in time for the concert.

Casey is then assigned to transport Battle Witherspoon (Sam J. Jones) an arrogant, heartless, workaholic executive who is stalking his ex-girlfriend. The angry ex tells him she can no longer stand to be with him and says she is pregnant with another man’s child. Casey, sympathetic, offers visibily devastated Battle some liquor from the onboard bar.

After consuming an excessive amount, Battle runs out of the car and strips his clothes off, running through a park, making a huge nuisance of himself. He finally returns to the limo and passes out. Not knowing where Battle’s residence is, Casey takes him to her home so he can recover from the day’s events. The following morning, he awakens and is back to his old hateful self, hurtfully insulting Casey before leaving.

My Chauffeur is a 1986 American comedy film produced by Crown International Pictures and Marimark Productions starring Deborah Foreman, Sam J. Jones, Howard Hesseman and E. G. Marshall. It was written and directed by David Beaird. The original music score was composed by Paul Hertzog with additional music by The Wigs.

The film was released on January 24, 1986 and was marketed with the tagline: Some women will, some won’t… some men do, some don’t. This driver might go everywhere, do anything… for your sizzling backseat pleasure.

My Chauffeur Movie Poster (1986)

My Chauffeur (1986)

Directed by: David Beaird
Starring: Deborah Foreman, Sam J. Jones, Sean McClory, Howard Hesseman, Penn Jillette, John O’Leary, Julius Harris, Laurie Main, Stanley Brock
Screenplay by: David Beaird
Production Design by: C.J. Strawn
Cinematography by: Harry Mathias
Film Editing by: Richard E. Westover
Costume Design by: Camile Morris
Set Decoration by: A. Rosalind Crew
Music by: Paul Hertzog
Distributed by: Crown International Pictures
Release Date: January 24, 1986