Prometheus puts up strong numbers overseas

Prometheus puts up strong numbers overseas

Men in Black 3 held well in a few of its major markets and wound up in first place once again at the overseas box office. Meanwhile, Snow White and the Huntsman did solid business in its debut, while Prometheus put up some strong numbers a week ahead of its U.S. opening.

Men in Black 3 added $78.6 million to bring its foreign total to $274.6 million through less than two weeks in theaters. The movie eased 29 percent to $15.4 million in China, and held about even in Germany $5.34 million) and the U.K. ($4.88 million) following soft debuts in both of those markets. The movie also added $7 million in Russia, $5.3 million in Japan, $3.8 million in South Korea, $3.7 million in Mexico, $3.7 million in Australia, $3.2 million in France, and $3 million in Brazil. It’s already passed Men in Black II’s $251.4 million foreign total, and it should eclipse the first Men in Black’s $338.7 million sometime next weekend.

Snow White and the Huntsman debuted to an estimated $39.3 million in 45 markets. It had fine starts in the U.K. ($5.5 million), Mexico ($4.4 million), Germany ($4 million), Spain ($3.8 million), South Korea ($3 million) and Brazil ($2.5 million), though none were standouts. Among major markets, it has yet to open in Australia, France, Italy, Japan and Russia.

Prometheus took first place in 14 of its 15 markets and earned an estimated $35 million this weekend. In Russia, its $11.1 million is the third-highest opening for a Fox movie behind Avatar and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and its $9.99 million debut in the U.K. is the best ever for a Ridley Scott movie. 3D was a big part of that U.K. result, as the premium-priced format accounted for 73 percent of sales. Finally, Prometheus’s $7.06 million start in France is the second-best debut this year for an English-language movie behind The Avengers. Along with its U.S. opening, Prometheus expands in to 35 markets including Australia, South Korea, and Taiwan next weekend.

International sensation The Avengers added $12.4 million in 54 markets, and on Sunday it became just the fifth movie ever to earn more than $800 million overseas. Also of note: on Friday, the Marvel flick passed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’s $1.33 billion worldwide total to move in to third place on the all-time chart. So far, The Avengers has earned $1.36 billion worldwide, and it should pass $1.4 billion long before its August opening in Japan.