Robotech: The Movie (1986)

Robotech: The Movie (1986)

Taglines: Mark held the key to Robotech. Unlocking its powers could save the World!

In 1999 an alien spaceship crashed onto the earth. Hidden on board were the secrets of a unique science known as Robotechnology. Databanks found in the ship were transferred to the Earth Robotech Computer Complex. In 2009, an alien search party arrived from hyper-space to reclaim their lost databank.

The united Earth Government was forced into an Inter Galactic war. Earth forces were able to win the first battle……but at a great cost. The planet was virtually destroyed. New population centres grew out of the ashes….. It is now 2027, a second armada sent by the aliens is nearing earth, they have come to recapture the secrets of their lost technology and then destroy the Earth.

Robotech: The Movie, also called Robotech: The Untold Story, is a 1986 American-Japanese science fiction animated film based on the Robotech TV series and Robotech franchise created by Harmony Gold USA. The 1986 theatrical film used footage from part one of Megazone 23 spliced with The Southern Cross and had only a tenuous link to the television series.

Robotech: The Movie (1986)

About the Story

In the year 1999, the alien spacecraft SDF-1 crashed on Earth, followed ten years later by the alien Zentraedi, seeking to reclaim the vessel for their rulers, the Robotech Masters. The First Robotech War erupted over the vessel, ending with victory for humankind, at the cost of the SDF-1 itself. Now, in 2027, the Robotech Masters themselves arrive in Earth’s Solar System, aiming to recover the ship’s still-functional mother computer, being studied at Earth’s Robotech Research Center in Japan.

The Masters launch a covert attack on a small human settlement, killing Colonel B.D. Andrews of the Army of the Southern Cross and secretly replacing him with a clone. Following a disastrous attack by the ASC on the Masters’ flagship, the Andrews clone proposes that the military take charge of use the mother computer to formulate a defense against the Masters. When his proposal is approved, he secretly begins beaming the contents of the computer’s database to the Masters, after which they plan to destroy the Earth.

Suspicious over the military’s decision to hide the Masters’ existence from the populous, soldier Todd Harris steals the “MODAT 5” – a mobile terminal remotely connected to the mother computer in the form of a motorcycle – and seeks help from his friend Mark Landry, telling him to contact “Eve”. Troops under the Andrews clone’s command accost the pair, and Todd dies in an escape attempt before he can fully explain everything to Mark. Mark manages to escapes with the MODAT 5, but unaware of its true significance, winds up merely using it as a prop in an amateur movie being shot by Kelly, a friend of his girlfriend, aspiring dancer Becky Michaels.

Seeing a music video from popular idol Eve, Mark presumes that she was who Todd wanted to contact and telephones her talk show to tell her about the MODAT. The call is traced by Andrews’s men, leading to a freeway chase during which the bike automatically reconfigures into a humanoid mecha form to fend off Mark’s attackers. Mark proceeds to sneak into the TV studio from which Eve’s show is broadcast and discovers that the singer is not a real person at all, but a holographic projection.

Eve explains that she is the artificial intelligence of the SDF-1’s computer, and informs Mark of the Masters’ plan. Eve leads Mark to the Robotech Research Center, where Mark engages and defeats “Andrews” in a mecha battle, but accidentally lets slip the existence of Kelly’s film footage of the MODAT. Escaping, Mark attempts to warn Becky, but his recent distractedness has alienated her, and it is not until he rescues her from being sexually assaulted by an unscrupulous dance show director that the pair reconcile.

Robotech: The Movie Poster (1986)

Robotech: The Movie (1986)

Directed by: Noboru Ishiguro, Carl Macek
Starring: Kerrigan Mahan, Iona Morris, Diane Michelle, Gregory Snegoff, Michael McConnohie, Greg Finley, Tom Wyner, Edie Mirman
Screenplay by: Ardwight Chamberlain
Production Design by: Toshihiro Hirano
Cinematography by: Yoshizaki Kenichi
Film Editing by: Jonathon Braun, Eiko Nishide
Art Direction by: Nakamura Mitsutaka
Music by: Ulpio Minucci, Arlon Ober
Distributed by: The Cannon Group
Release Date: July 25, 1986