Charles Durning Archive

Cat Chaser (1989)

Taglines: Passion. Greed. Murder. Tonight they pay. An American veteran (Weller) of the Dominican Republic intervention

Cop (1988)

Taglines: A killer on the loose. A cop on the edge. Lloyd Hopkins, a hard-boiled American

A Tiger’s Tale (1988)

Bubber Drumm is a Houston high school student. Rose Butts is an alcoholic, more than twice

Happy New Year (1987)

Nick and Charlie, a couple of aging thieves looking for a last score before they retire,

Tough Guys (1986)

Taglines: Friends for years. Legends for life. Tough guys forever. Harry and Archie are released from

Big Trouble (1986)

Leonard Hoffman is a Los Angeles insurance agent with a problem on his hands. He has

Stick (1985)

Taglines: Based on the novel by Elmore Leonard. Ernest “Stick” Stickley, a former car thief, has

Mass Appeal (1984)

Taglines: Somewhere between laughter and tears, they found something to believe in. For years, as pastor

Two of a Kind (1983)

Taglines: A match re-made in Heaven. God throws his hands up at the foolishness of humanity

To Be or Not to Be (1983)

Taglines: That is the movie! A bad Polish actor is just trying to make a living