Terror in the Aisles (1984)

Terror in the Aisles (1984)

Taglines: It’s a cut above the rest.

Donald Pleasance and Nancy Allen take us through some of Hollywood’s most terrifying moments in horror history in this anthology, which features many of the finest science fiction, crime drama and horror films of the 1930s through 1980s. Included are Yasayan Ölülerin Gecesi (1968), Sapik (1960), Rosemary’nin Bebegi (1968), Teksas Katliami (1974), Jaws (1975), Jaws 2 (1978), Sis (1980), Yabanci (1978) and Halloween II (1981), as well as countless others. Blood and gore abound making this movie not very much for the squeamish.

Terror in the Aisles is a 1984 American documentary film about horror films featuring clips from Friday the 13th I and/or II, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Halloween I and II, Jaws 1 and 2, Alien, John Carpenter’s The Thing, The Shining and Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and The Birds. The film is hosted by Donald Pleasence and Nancy Allen. The original music score is composed by John Beal.

Terror in the Aisles (1984)

About the Story

Director Andrew J. Kuehn has excerpted brief segments of terror and suspense in a wide variety of horror films and strung them together with added commentary, as well as some enacted narrative, to create a compilation of fright-inducing effects.

Halloween actor Donald Pleasence and Dressed to Kill star Nancy Allen provide the commentary on topics such as follows:

Sex and Terror

Dressed to Kill,
Ms. 45,
The Seduction,
When a Stranger Calls

Loathsome Villains

Friday the 13th Part 2 (although, surprisingly, not its 1980 original),
Halloween I & II,
Marathon Man,
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,
Touch of Evil,
The Postman Always Rings Twice,
Vice Squad,
Wait Until Dark,
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Natural Terror

The Birds,
Jaws 1 & 2,

The Occult

An American Werewolf in London,
Rosemary’s Baby,
The Exorcist,
The Omen,
The Shining


Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein,
Saturday the 14th.

In one segment of the anthology, legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock presents his concepts of how to create suspense in a clip from Alfred Hitchcock: Men Who Made The Movies.

Terror in the Aisles Movie Poster (1984)

Terror in the Aisles (1984)

Directed by: Andrew J. Kuehn
Starring: Donald Pleasence, Nancy Allen, Fred Asparagus, Lainie Cooke, Joel S. Rice, Ángel Salazar, Diane Stilwell, Wayne Hackett, Michael Caine, Alfred Hitchcock, Carrie Klein, Sylvester Stallone
Screenplay by: Margery Doppelt
Cinematography by: John A. Alonzo
Film Editing by: William Flicker, Gregory McClatchy
Costume Design by: Jennifer Stone
Makeup Department: Laurie Aiello
Music by: John Beal
Distributed by: Universal Pictures
Release Date: October 26, 1984