The Passerby – La Passante du Sans-Souci (1982)

The Passerby - La passante du Sans-Souci (1982)

Max Baumstein is a reputable businessman, a rich self-made man with a conscience – he founded a highly visible and active international organization fighting against violations of human rights. Why would he commit an act that apparently negates the principles he has striven for so long to uphold?

Eventually, he reveals a secret about himself that he kept hidden from his younger wife Lina, and that in a roundabout way concerns her as well. It is the conclusion of a struggle that started many decades earlier, when Elsa Wiener, a German singer exiled in Paris, without money or relations, a refugee among many others, faced two daunting problems: surviving in a foreign city, and saving her husband Michel from the clutches of the Nazis.

The Passerby (original French title: La passante du Sans-Souci, “The Passerby of Sans-Souci”) is a 1982 French film directed by Jacques Rouffio, based on the 1936 novel on the same name by Joseph Kessel, and starring Romy Schneider and Michel Piccoli. It was the last film of Schneider.

The Passerby - La passante du Sans-Souci Movie Poster (1982)

The Passerby (1982)

Directed by: Jacques Rouffio
Starring: Romy Schneider, Michel Piccoli, Helmut Griem, Dominique Labourier, Gérard Klein, Mathieu Carrière, Jacques Martin, Christiane Cohendy
Screenplay by: Jacques Rouffio
Production Design by: Jean-Jacques Caziot, Hans Jürgen Kiebach
Cinematography by: Jean Penzer
Film Editing by: Anna Ruiz
Costume Design by: Catherine Leterrier, Elisabeth Tavernier
Set Decoration by: Jean-Jacques Caziot
Art Direction by: Georges Glon
Music by: Georges Delerue
Distributed by: Libra Cinema 5
Release Date: December 167, 1982