Thief of Hearts (1984)

Thief of Hearts (1984)

Taglines: In the night, secrets are stolen.

A woman trapped in a boring marriage begins an affair with a handsome man who seems able to read her mind. She doesn’t know that he has broken into her house and read her diaries, where she has recorded her deepest thoughts and fantasies.

Thief of Hearts is a 1984 film drama produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. It was written and directed by Douglas Day Stewart. It stars Steven Bauer, Barbara Williams, David Caruso and John Getz. The film was nominated for a Razzie Awards including Worst Musical Score for Faltermeyer.

About the Story

A burglar, Scott Muller (Steven Bauer), teams up with Buddy Calamara (David Caruso), a valet at a high-society restaurant. Buddy keeps an eye on Mickey and Ray Davis, a rich married couple, while Scott robs their home.

One night, one of the items Scott takes is a diary belonging to the wife (Barbara Williams). Scott reads the diary and discovers that the wife, Mickey, an interior designer, yearns for a more interesting life. He quickly becomes infatuated with her. The diary is full of her fantasies and dreams, so Scott plans to turn these into reality.

Thief of Hearts (1984)

Mickey’s husband, children’s book author Ray Davis (John Getz), gets too involved in his work and neglects his wife’s needs. Scott uses his inside knowledge to seduce her, using the pretext of needing someone to re-design his apartment, and posing as a school supply company CEO. The forbidden romance soon blossoms into a passionate sexual relationship, as Ray becomes suspicious.

During another robbery, Buddy kills a policeman who spotted them. Scott becomes more and more tense when Mickey starts asking questions about him and his past. Ray decides to follow Scott with his friend and publisher Marty Morrison (George Wendt). They snoop around the building used by the robbers and find out Scott is the thief who stole his belongings.

Buddy sees Ray there. He tells Scott, who, visibly agitated, goes to see Mickey, asking her to leave the city with him, revealing he was the one who stole her diary. Her husband arrives and fights with Scott, and when Mickey comes to her husband’s aid, Scott leaves.

When the Davises go to a restaurant, Scott breaks into their home and reads Mickey’s latest diary entry. Buddy intends to rob them again and Scott tries to stop him. They fight and one gets stabbed with Buddy’s knife. The married couple come home to find the last standing intruder still in the house.

Mickey gets out her pistol and aims at the masked man. A gunshot is heard and the man stumbles down. The police arrives and it is revealed that the man shot was Buddy. Mickey goes to the bedroom and finds out that Scott is there, alive but wounded. Rather than be arrested for having shot Buddy, he escapes from the police through the window as Mickey watches him running in the dark.

Thief of Hearts Movie Poster (1984)

Thief of Hearts (1984)

Directed by: Douglas Day Stewart
Starring: Steven Bauer, Barbara Williams, John Getz, David Caruso, Christine Ebersole, George Wendt, Alan North, Romy Windsor
Screenplay by: Douglas Day Stewart
Cinematography by: Andrew Laszlo
Film Editing by: Tom Rolf
Costume Design by: Michael Kaplan
Set Decoration by: R. Chris Westlund
Art Direction by: Edward Richardson
Music by: Harold Faltermeyer
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures
Release Date: October 19, 1984