Troop Beverly Hills (1989)

Troop Beverly Hills (1989)

Taglines: When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!

As Phyllis, a Beverly Hills housewife, is in the middle of a divorce, she tries to find focus in her life by taking over her daughter Hannah’s Wilderness Girl troop.

Among the girls are Tiffany, (who her father has to bribe to attend meetings, Emily (the daughter of an out of work actor, whose financial difficulties hinders her wanting to participate in certain activities), the neurotic Tessa (whose parents divorce has forced her into therapy twice a week), the hostile Chica (whose parents are too busy with their own lives to even remember her birthday), and Claire (the child star who see the wilderness girls as her chance to lead a “normal” life).

Phyllis then begins to take the girls camping at a Beverly Hills hotel and earn patches relating to material things. The district leader, Velda, feels the troop should be disbanded. However, the head of the Wilderness girls organization believes that as long as Phyllis has taken an active interest in the girls.

Troop Beverly Hills is a 1989 American adventure comedy film. Produced by the Weintraub Entertainment Group and directed by Jeff Kanew, starring Shelley Long, Craig T. Nelson, Betty Thomas, Mary Gross, Stephanie Beacham and introduced Jenny Lewis as Hannah Nefler. The film also features a host of young stars including Tori Spelling, Carla Gugino, Emily Schulman, Ami Foster, and Kellie Martin.

Troop Beverly Hills Movie Poster (1989)

Troop Beverly Hills (1989)

Directed by: Jeff Kanew
Starring: Shelley Long, Craig T. Nelson, Betty Thomas, Mary Gross, Stephanie Beacham, Audra Lindley, Edd Byrnes, Ami Foster, Carla Gugino, Kellie Martin, Jenny Lewis
Screenplay by: Pamela Norris, Margaret Grieco Oberman
Production Design by: Robert F. Boyle
Cinematography by: Donald E. Thorin
Film Editing by: Mark Melnick
Costume Design by: Theadora Van Runkle
Set Decoration by: Anne D. McCulley
Art Direction by: Jack G. Taylor Jr.
Music by: Randy Edelman
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
Release Date: March 24, 1989