Turner & Hooch (1989)

Turner and Hooch (1989)

Taglines: The oddest couple ever unleashed!

Scott Turner (Tom Hanks), is a police investigator within the fictional town of Cypress Beach in Northern California whilst also being obsessively neat and routine. Bored with the lack of serious crime with his current work, Scott is set to transfer to a much better position in Sacramento, leaving fellow investigator David Sutton (Reginald VelJohnson) to replace him. Scott shows David around in the three days left before his transfer, meeting with long time friend Amos Reed (John McIntire) for a final time.

The two investigators are then called to the discovery of $8,000 found at the local beach – an unusual discovery for such a quiet town. That same evening, Amos is murdered by an affiliate of Walter Boyett (J. C. Quinn) when Amos reveals his suspicions of Boyett’s operations. Scott is alerted to the crime the following morning, ultimately resulting in Scott hesitantly taking in Hooch, Amos’ pet Dogue de Bordeaux. Scott immediately takes Hooch to the new town veterinarian Emily Carson (Mare Winningham). Scott pleads with Emily to take in Hooch as he has no experience of handling such an animal before. However, Emily insists that Hooch will be good for Scott, whom lives alone.

Turner and Hooch (1989)

Immediately returning home however, Hooch’s noisy, destructive nature clashes intensely with Scott’s routine lifestyle. Scott leaves Hooch alone one night to buy dog food, only to return to a home that has been completely ransacked by Hooch unintentionally. Furious, Scott kicks Hooch out, only to return later with Emily’s female dog, Camille. Seeing an opportunity to get rid of Hooch, Scott drives both Hooch and Camille back to the Veterinary clinic, only to be caught by Emily as he leaves. Emily invites Scott inside, and the two proceed to continue painting the house that Emily earlier abandoned for the night. Scott leaves later on and although he expresses his disinterest in taking things further with Emily, it becomes clear that the two are starting to like each other.

Turner & Hooch is a 1989 Metrocolor American detective comedy film starring Tom Hanks and Beasley the Dog as the eponymous characters, Turner and Hooch respectively. The film also co-stars Mare Winningham, Craig T. Nelson and Reginald VelJohnson. It was directed by Roger Spottiswoode; the film was originally slated to be directed by Henry Winkler, but he was terminated because of his “creative differences”. It was co-written by Michael Blodgett of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls fame.

K-9 (with James Belushi) was released prior to this film (exactly three months earlier), with both having a similar plot. A pilot for a Turner & Hooch TV series was made and ran as a part of The Magical World of Disney. Touchstone Pictures acquired the screenplay for Turner & Hooch for one million dollars, which was the highest price ever paid by Touchstone for any script at the time.

Turner and Hooch Movie Poster (1989)

Turner and Hooch (1989)

Directed by: Roger Spottiswoode
Starring: Tom Hanks, Mare Winningham, Craig T. Nelson, Reginald VelJohnson, Scott Paulin, John McIntire, Ebbe Roe Smith, David Knell, Mary McCusker
Screenplay by: Dennis Shryack, Michael Blodgett, Daniel Petrie Jr., Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr
Production Design by: John DeCuir Jr.
Cinematography by: Adam Greenberg
Film Editing by: Mark Conte, Garth Craven, Lois Freeman-Fox, Ken Morrisey, Paul Seydor
Set Decoration by: Cloudia Rebar
Art Direction by: Sig Tingloff
Music by: Charles Gross
Distributed by: Buena Vista Pictures
Release Date: July 28, 1989