Facebook is implementing an unfollow button

Facebook is implementing an unfollow button

It looks like Facebook is going the way of Twitter and Instagram. Soon users will be able to unfollow friends whose comments and updates they’d like to remove from their News Feed, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

Yes, that’s right folks! Now, if you’re not a fan of Suzy Q’s droning on about Cyber Monday or Larry’s love for his kitty cats or Amy’s insufferable photos of the latest adorable thing her daughter did, you can just nix them from your News Feed with the quick click of a button. The new phrasing will replace the existing “hide all” button, which is available to users in the drop-down on posts in the News Feed.

The best part is that users will not be notified if they’ve been unfollowed, thus keeping your social circle intact and avoiding any hard feelings. The functionality ultimately allows you to avoid news you’re not interested in, without actually “defriending” someone and shrinking your social presence.

“The goal of this change is to help people curate their News Feed and see more of the content that they care about,” a Facebook spokesperson wrote in a statement given to Mashable.

The new language lines right up with other applications like Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, which all use follow and unfollow to indicate whose news and posts you have access to.

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Discovering a hidden world and an extraordinary destiny

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

A seemingly ordinary young woman discovers a hidden world and an extraordinary destiny in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the eagerly anticipated big-screen adaptation of the first book of Cassandra Clare’s blockbuster fantasy adventure series, The Mortal Instruments.

Clarissa “Clary” Fray (Lily Collins) has been living quietly in Brooklyn for as long as she can remember, when she suddenly begins to see startling and seemingly impossible things. Just as suddenly, her single mom (Lena Headey) disappears after a violent struggle. As she and her best friend Simon (Robert Sheehan) search for her mother, Clary begins to uncover the dark secrets and darker threats in the hidden world of the Shadowhunters, angel-human warriors who have protected humanity from evil forces for centuries.

Surrounded by demons, warlocks, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural denizens of the Shadow World, Clary joins forces with young Shadowhunters Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower), Isabelle (Jemima West) and Alec (Kevin Zegers) to locate and protect an ancient Cup that holds the key to her mother’s future. Discovering abilities and courage she never knew she possessed, the young woman surprises even herself as she proves to be a formidable opponent against an array of deadly adversaries.

Inside the Shadow World

In The Mortal Instruments book series, the world we know holds within it another, hidden world populated by magical beings engaged in a constant struggle of good against evil. Known as the Shadow World, it contains mysteries that go back a thousand years to a time when darkness was threatening to engulf the earth.

Ten centuries ago, the Black Death ravaged Europe and endless Holy Wars tore apart the Middle East. According to Cassandra’s Clare’s elaborate and meticulously plotted mythology, demonic forces trying to destroy humanity and take over the world for themselves were behind this strife.
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Britney Spears’s Red-Hot Birthday

Britney Spears's Red-Hot Birthday

Happy Birthday, Britney! The superstar singer is celebrating her 32nd birthday on Monday, and she’s turning a year older in red-hot style … literally!

The blond beauty posted a sexy shot on her Facebook page late Sunday night, showing off her smoking-hot bod and looking like she’s doing better than ever!

Dressed in a red-hot sequined corset surrounded by flames with the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign in the background, she’s clearly doing well both personally and professionally.

Not only does the doting mom of two have her phenomenal figure perfectly in shape, but she also appears to be happier than ever in her relationship with boyfriend David Lucado.

And while her love life may be on fire, it turns out that her career is even hotter!

The blond bombshell has a new album, “Britney Jean,” set for release on Tuesday, and she is currently prepping for her “Piece of Me” residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas beginning on December 27 — we can’t wait!

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Ender’s Game: The Enemy’s Gate Is Down

Ender's Game

A brilliant and remarkably gifted 12‐year‐old is trained to become Earth’s ultimate military leader in Ender’s Game, the long‐awaited big‐screen adaptation of the classic, Hugo and Nebula Award winning novel.

After surviving a devastating attack by the insect‐like Formics, the people of Earth have spent years readying themselves for a repeat attack by nurturing a new generation of child geniuses to be trained as warriors. The planet’s best and brightest youngsters are selected to attend Battle School, an orbiting space station where they compete for a chance to become a commander of the International Forces. Using advanced computer simulations and rigorous game‐like exercises, they train in an atmosphere of violence and intense competition, knowing that only one will be selected to lead.

Ender Wiggins (Asa Butterfield) is exceptional, even among his extraordinary classmates. His unique combination of intelligence, empathy, and strategic brilliance makes him a standout in the classroom and in the Battle Room—a zero‐gravity playground where games of futuristic laser tag test the trainees’ strategic and physical abilities. But Ender’s singular gifts inspire envy in his fellow recruits, and the school’s commander, Colonel Hyrum Graff (Harrison Ford), deliberately alienates Ender from the other children in order to hone his individual leadership skills.

An outsider at first, Ender, with his preternatural understanding of human nature gradually builds a coalition among his peers, and is soon promoted to command school—located on a distant planet once used by the Formics as a forward staging post for their invasion of Earth. Under the severe tutelage of Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley), the brilliant general who defeated the Formics years earlier, Ender is rapidly promoted to lead his fellow students in simulated war games against enemy forces.

Certain that another attack by the Formics is imminent, Graff and Rackham believe they have only weeks to ready Ender to lead the International Fleet in a battle for planetary survival. But as the boy prepares to face his final test, he develops gnawing doubts about the monumental task that lies ahead. Is this the best stragefy for achieving peace?

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Storm Over Noah Epic Movie

Noah Movie

Test screening of the biblical film starring Russell Crowe did not go well, according to Hollywood Reporter.

God gave Noah some very specific instructions on how to build an ark. But it seems there was no such clear voice of authority when it came to the making of Darren Aronofsky’s epic movie based on the Bible story.

Multiple sources say that with test screenings of various versions producing worrisome results, Aronofsky and Paramount have been at odds over the version of Noah that is set for release March 28. It’s not clear whether Aronofsky — whose most recent film, 2010′s Black Swan, grossed $329 million worldwide and won an Oscar for star Natalie Portman — has held on to his right to final cut. Aronofsky and his reps did not respond to requests for comment, but Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore says the film, which stars Russell Crowe as the seafarer, is going through a “normal preview process” and the result will be “one version of the movie that Darren is overseeing.”

In recent weeks, the studio has held test screenings for key groups that might take a strong interest in the subject matter: in New York (for a largely Jewish audience), in Arizona (Christians) and in Orange County, Calif. (general public). All are said to have generated troubling reactions. But sources say Aronofsky has been resistant to Paramount’s suggested changes. “Darren is not made for studio films,” says a talent rep with ties to the project. “He’s very dismissive. He doesn’t care about [Paramount's] opinion.”

The auteur director of films including The Wrestler, Pi and Requiem for a Dream, Aronofsky hasn’t been associated much with big studios or big effects pictures (a minor exception is The Fountain). But with Noah, he’s in deep with both. Paramount is splitting the cost, now past the original $125 million budget, with Arnon Milchan’s New Regency.

The use of visual effects has been so extensive that in some scenes, only an actor’s face is in the final image. The film relies on effects to create the flood, of course, but in addition, Noah doesn’t feature any real animals. Aronofsky said the creatures in the film are “slightly tweaked” versions of those that exist in nature, and there also are fantastical beings in the mix. The director recently told DGA Quarterly that Industrial Light & Magic had said it did the most complicated rendering in the company’s history for the film — “a nice badge of honor,” he said.

Beyond the visuals, a major challenge has been coming up with an exciting third act that doesn’t alienate the potentially huge Christian audience (in the Bible, Noah and the ark’s inhabitants survive the flood that destroys the earth). Some in the faith community already have expressed skepticism about the result, especially after writer Brian Godawa in October 2012 obtained a version of the Noah script and posted his summary online under the heading, “Darren Aronofsky’s Noah: Environmentalist Wacko.” (Aronofksy has in the past described Noah as “the first environmentalist.”) Among his conclusions is that Noah will be “an uninteresting and unbiblical waste of a hundred and fifty million dollars that will ruin for decades the possibility of making a really great and entertaining movie of this Bible hero.”

Mark Joseph, who has consulted on the marketing of films including Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and Ray says he hasn’t been to a screening of Noah but fears it is “an example of a director not listening to those voices that would have been warning of the dangers of veering too far away from the biblical text. The director is there to serve the studio and the audience, not veer off into directions that go against the core audience’s beliefs — at least if the goal is to get them to come to the theater.” More hopeful is Ted Baehr, whose Movieguide.org publishes reviews from a Christian perspective, holds out hope that the film will pass muster.

Paramount obviously hopes to woo the faithful; in July Aronofsky screened Noah footage for the church-based Echo conference in Texas. Some tweets from audience members suggested that the sneak peek was well received.

Moore says the studio knew going in that the film would be complicated and “allowed for a very long postproduction period, which allowed for a lot of test screenings.”

While Aronofsky “definitely wants some level of independence,” he adds, “he also wants a hit movie.” The bottom line: “We’re getting to a very good place, and we’re getting there with Darren.”

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Why autumn is the season for falling in love?

Falling in Love in Autumn

Now that the weather’s getting cool, let’s cast a quick glance back at the truth about the summer that just was: few characters in dramatic history sum up the realities of summer love quite like Danny and Sandy in Grease. “Summer fling, don’t mean a thing,” they belt out in the memorable theme song, “Summer Nights.” Sad, but true. Intimacy sparked literally in the heat of the moment tends to fade faster than a set of well-cultivated tan lines.

Autumn romance, however, is different. The love we seek and hopefully find in the fall is bound to have more depth, more meaning. Listen in as notable scientists, anthropologists and authors explain why… and then get out there and get mingling. Your season of lasting love has arrived.

Why scientists think of fall as “mating season”

The cooling climate is a signal to us humans that we need to pair up — a signal that no doubt dates back to the dawn of man. “We know that winter is approaching and it will be more difficult, or challenging, to find a mate during the winter,” says psychologist and sociologist Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., a research professor at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan and author of Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship. “So we are more intent on looking for and finding that someone special during the fall, to nest with, to mate with, before the winter settles in.”

What’s more, we humans are creatures of comfort. “In the winter, we hurry home to our nests to stay warm and protected from the elements,” says Susan Davis, Ph.D., a New York-based clinical psychologist and co-author of Raising Children Who Soar: A Guide to Healthy Risk-Taking in an Uncertain World. “To nest well, if we are single, we need to find a mate. It’s a very basic, primitive need that still drives us.”

The force known as family

“Biologically, fall is a logical time to fall in love,” says anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D., a research professor at Rutgers University and author of Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love. Procreation plays a key role: human beings are motivated to mate in the fall so babies will be born in summer, explains Dr. Fisher. “It’s an adaptive mechanism,” Fisher explains. “Summer is a time of plenty, a time of less stress, high nutrition and comfortable weather.” Even if you’re not planning on procreating in the months ahead, at a deep and primal level, we’re driven to couple up… perhaps for keeps.

Back to business

Here’s another reason why fall is the best time to get serious with a sweetie. We all realize it’s time to stop fooling around. “Summer is a time when we’re off, we’re traveling, we’re not part of our communities,” says Dr. Fisher. “But in fall we come back to our settled lives, get on with the important affairs of living. We’re in a position to make a long-term commitment now.”

As our focus returns to our community — the neighborhood, the office — we’re more likely to get that itch to “settle down.” “Proximity renews its power in the fall,” says Dr. Fisher. “When routine and normality return, we tend to fall in love with people who are around, who we see regularly around the water cooler or at the gym.” And the relationships that result are more likely to have staying power: says Dr. Orbuch, “Proximity makes interaction more likely and rewarding. The more we see someone, the more familiar they become and the more we are attracted to them — and the more apt to fall in love.” So mysterious strangers on a train or at a beach may be the stuff of flings, but real people who live and work nearby are prospects for true love.

Dressed for commitment

As anyone who ever hefted a September issue of Vogue magazine knows, fall fashion is serious fashion. “With fall clothes, you still see the form — you’re not cloaked and covered up the way you are in winter — but you’re not showing everything either, and that sends the message of ‘take me seriously,’” says Debbie Mandel, a Long Island, NY relationship specialist and author of Turn on Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul.

Plus, the shift from summer attire (say, T-shirts and cargo pants) to button-down shirts and more tailored clothes lets both men and women strut their “ready for serious commitment” stuff. “The way we dress in the fall shows our resources — our money, our class, our education, our mate value,” says Dr. Fisher. “Men wear suits in the fall. Clothes that reflect achievement and conscientiousness are attractive in a mate because they signal that you’re responsible, able to get up and go to work and to deal.”

A woman in more covered-up fall clothes may also appear to be mate material “for a good Darwinian reason,” according to Dr. Fisher. “When a man is looking for a long-term relationship, he’s not as interested in the girl in the very short dress and scoop neckline, because he’d have to do a lot of what we call ‘mate guarding’ from all the ‘mate poachers.’” In other words, your partner won’t have to work so hard keeping you to himself when you’re wearing boots, jeans and a sweater.

Celebration of love

Well, what about the pressure? Fall heralds the start of the holidays, and nobody wants to spend that time alone. “Christmas is the most profound festival in the Western world, I think, but there were midwinter festivals throughout the last 10,000 years of our agriculture heritage,” Dr. Fisher points out. “It’s the one that we all share — and it’s a time of family, of making connections. It’s not a time of short-term attachments but of building the real, solid relationships that the brain seeks.”

Take the next step

What to do with all this information on the power of fall romance? Get out there! Savor the season by literally getting outside: “In the fall the sky is deeper blue, the air fresher, the leaves more colorful,” says historical romance writer Linda Madl. “It’s time for bonfires, apple picking and hay rides, the scent of burning leaves.” Fairs and festivals abound, so visit them.

If that’s not enough activity inspiration, consider taking the back-to-school impulse literally and signing up for a course where you’ll meet like-minded people. And remember, you can always fall back. Get in touch with someone you might have dismissed during the impetuousness of summer — he or she may look very different to you in the clear, crisp light of autumn.

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Desperately needing to get to Elysium

Elysium Movie Production Notes

In the year 2154, two classes of people exist: the very wealthy, who live on a pristine man-made space station called Elysium, and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined planet. The people of Earth are desperate to escape the crime and poverty that is now rampant throughout the land. The only man with the chance to bring equality to these worlds is Max (Matt Damon), an ordinary guy in desperate need to get to Elysium. With his life hanging in the balance, he reluctantly takes on a dangerous mission – one that pits him against Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster) and her hard-line forces – but if he succeeds, he could save not only his own life, but millions of people on Earth as well.

About the Film

In 2009, Neill Blomkamp burst onto the scene with his first feature film, District 9. It was an enormous critical and commercial success: critics praised Blomkamp’s filmmaking style, and audiences around the world turned out to the box office to support the film’s originality and innovation. But the reason it resonated was that the movie had themes that grabbed the audience: the way the film seamlessly blended a genre alien-invasion movie with biting and relevant social commentary pleased both moviegoing audiences and members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who nominated the movie for Oscars for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.

In his new film, Elysium, Blomkamp has drawn two distinct and separate worlds: an overpopulated, ruined Earth, and Elysium, a man made space station for the extremely wealthy. While in 2013, six astronauts live and work on the international space station orbiting about 250 miles above the surface of the Earth, 150 years from now, in Blomkamp’s vision, those humble beginnings will expand to become a home with the best of everything for the rich. “The idea, in a way, is ludicrous,” says Blomkamp. “The idea of taking up stone, and mortar, and concrete, and swimming pools – and everything you’d need to build these mansions in a space station – is satire. It just reinforces the central idea of the film – the people of Elysium have unimaginable wealth, and they use those resources to build a separate, synthetic, almost hermetic environment for themselves. In that way, Elysium is the reverse of an alien-invasion story – it’s still about human beings trying to protect a way of life, but instead of fighting for Earth, they do it by going into space.”

Blomkamp based his ideas for a perfect world apart from a desperate, ruined Earth on real-life concepts. “Back in the ‘70s, people were actually discussing the idea of leaving Earth and building space stations for us to potentially live on one day. One of the top answers to that challenge was the Stanford Torus. I like the idea of taking this well-known concept and caking it with wealth, diamonds and Bel Air-style mansions – the idea, the image, of putting these exorbitant, ridiculous mansions on a doughnut-shaped space station is hilarious to me, and it becomes something I want to make a movie about.”
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Paranoia: Information is the most dangerous weapon

Paranoia - Amber Heard, Liam Hemsworth

The high stakes thriller “Paranoia” takes us deep behind the scenes of global success to a deadly world of greed and deception. The two most powerful tech billionaires in the world (Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman) are bitter rivals with a complicated past who will stop at nothing to destroy each other.

A young superstar (Liam Hemsworth), seduced by unlimited wealth and power falls between them, and becomes trapped in the middle of the twists and turns of their life-and-death game of corporate espionage. By the time he realizes his life is in danger, he is in far too deep and knows far too much for them to let him walk away.

Inside Paranoia

Is it paranoia if they’re really after you?

Adam Cassidy is a bright young rising star at his global tech company who just wants a life different from that of his working-class father still struggling to make ends meet. But when Adam makes one naive mistake, he is forced into becoming a covert corporate spy and obtain trade secrets at a rival company. He gets an instant pass into the opulent and ruthless world of the rich, and sees how this other half lives with a corner office, ready-made luxury apartment and fast car. But before he knows it, he is snared between two tech-world icons with titanic wealth and a mighty system of power to watch – and control – his every move. When Adam decides he wants out, he discovers that they will go to shocking lengths to keep their secrets concealed. A deadly cat and mouse game ensues and Adam must do all he can to protect himself and the ones he loves.

Taking the role of Adam Cassidy is Liam Hemsworth, the Australian up-and-comer who recently garnered global attention playing Gale in the blockbuster The Hunger Games. The filmmakers saw in him all the qualities of both youthful, daring and hard-won integrity they were looking for in Adam.

“He’s gorgeous, charismatic and charming, but Liam is also very accessible,” says Producer Alexandra Milchan. “You feel that he’s someone who is really on the rise and wants it, but at the same time he has the class and dignity that allow him to question that. He also has a maturity and a work ethic that is rare.”
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Blue Jasmine: The final stages of a New York housewife

Blue Jasmine Movie Stills

Hal and Jasmine Francis are a multimillionaire couple in New York living a life of mansions, yachts, and wealthy friends. They look down on Jasmine’s sister Ginger and her husband. When Hal wants a divorce because he is in love with another woman, Jasmine takes revenge and exposes smooth-talking Hal as a crooked financier. Hal goes to prison, where he hangs himself.

Danny, Hal’s son and story of Jasmine’s step-son, is very angry with Jasmine and does not want to have anything to do with her anymore. With nowhere else to go, Jasmine moves into Ginger’s lower middle-class apartment in San Francisco to try to pull herself back together again. Earlier Ginger and her ex-husband Augie allowed Hal to invest the lottery money they won, but he lost it all. Reluctantly, Jasmine accepts a job as a dentist’s secretary but her boss harasses her sexually and she quits. She wants to study interior decorating online and as a preparation reluctantly takes computer classes.

Jasmine’s life improves when she meets wealthy, upscale Dwight Westlake, who aspires to become a California congressman. He wants to marry Jasmine until Augie happens to meet them on the street and exposes her as a liar: about her former husband, her son and about being an interior decorator. Ginger begins to have doubts about her boyfriend Chili and has an affair with a man who turns out to be married so she ultimately reconciles with Chili. Jasmine is against this because she dislikes him, and lies to Ginger that she is going to marry Dwight, telling her she is not going to stay in her place any longer. The film ends with Jasmine sitting on a park bench, talking to herself again and not having a clue how to get on with her life.

Throughout his career, Woody Allen has created many indelible female characters portrayed by some of the world’s greatest actresses, including Diane Keaton, Geraldine Page, Mariel Hemingway, Charlotte Rampling, Mia Farrow, Barbara Hershey, Gena Rowlands, Dianne Wiest, Mira Sorvino, Judy Davis, Samantha Morton, and Scarlett Johansson, to mention only a few. Whether they appear in light comedies, dark dramas or anything in between, these complex female characters resonate in our memories as the focal points of his movies. Certain to take her place in this gallery of multifaceted, complex, and richly observed women is Jasmine, the troubled heroine of Allen’s new drama BLUE JASMINE, portrayed by another one of the world’s most extraordinary actresses, Cate Blanchett.

We first meet New York socialite Jasmine shortly after she has suffered a breakdown, triggered by the cataclysmic collapse of her marriage to wealthy financier Hal (Alec Baldwin). Up until that point Jasmine’s entire identity was wrapped up in being an elegant, well dressed, culturally sophisticated woman living the Manhattan high life, but now that life is over, and her mental and emotional state is rapidly veering off course. “We know from the minute the movie opens that Jasmine is lost,” says Allen. “She’s already someone who has been found talking to herself and has had real problems.”
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Passion Movie Stills Gallery

Passion Movie Scene 1

Christine, an advertising executive, is attempting to gain power, professionally and romantically, over her up-and-coming subordinate, Isabelle, who is having affair with Christine’s lover, Dirk. Christine sabotages Isabelle’s work, relationship with Dirk, and reputation, leaving Isabelle confused, hooked on pills, and lost. Christine also has threatened to expose Dirk’s embezzlement, and is trying to fire Isabelle’s secretary, Dani.

When Christine turns up dead, we, the viewers, aren’t sure who the murderer is. Is it Isabelle? Is it Dani? Is it Dirk? Each has a reason to want the manipulative Christine dead.

The film then continues to show that the murder was committed by Isabelle. Dani, who secretly was in love with Isabelle, had captured Isabelle on video with her cellphone at various moments during the night of the murder. Isabelle then continues to murder Dani as well.

Passion Movie Scene 2

Passion Movie Scene 3

Passion Movie Scene 4

Passion Movie Scene 5

Passion Movie Scene 6

Passion Movie Scene 7

Passion Movie Scene 8

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