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The Fly II (1989)

Taglines: A new generation of terror! Seth Brundle was a renowned scientist whose warped experiments with

Worth Winning (1989)

Taglines: An engaging comedy about a bachelor and three near Mrs. Taylor Worth is a devastatingly

The Wizard (1989)

Taglines: It’s more than a game… It’s the chance of a lifetime. Corey and Jimmy Woods

Winter People (1989)

Taglines: A passion so strong it kills. A young widower moves with his daughter into a

Wilt (1990)

Taglines: An inflatable love story! Henry Wilt is a community studies teacher at a poorly funded

Wicked Stepmother (1989)

Taglines: Which witch is which? The original plot cast Davis as the title character, a chain

Who Is Harry Crumb? (1989)

Taglines: Nerves of steel. Body of iron. Brain of stone. Harry is the latest generation of

When the Whales Came (1989)

Two children named Gracie Jenkins and Daniel Pender are best friends living on the island of

When Harry Met Sally… Movie Trailer (1989)

“When Harry Met Sally…” is a love story with a form as old as the movies

When Harry Met Sally… (1989)

Taglines: Can two friends sleep together and still love each other in the morning? Harry and