Lesley Ann Warren Archive

Worth Winning (1989)

Taglines: An engaging comedy about a bachelor and three near Mrs. Taylor Worth is a devastatingly

Cop (1988)

Taglines: A killer on the loose. A cop on the edge. Lloyd Hopkins, a hard-boiled American

Clue (1985)

Taglines: It’s not just a game anymore. Clue is a movie about 6 guests, a butler,

Songwriter (1984)

Taglines: Willie and Kris on the road – sharing music…raising hell! The film concerns Doc Jenkins,

Choose Me (1984)

Taglines: Laughter, tears and telephone calls. Love is the true adventure. After Mickey is released from

A Night in Heaven (1983)

Taglines: Will one forbidden night change both their lives forever? Faye Hanlon (Lesley Ann Warren) is

Victor Victoria (1982)

Taglines: The disguise surprise comedy of the year! In 1934 Paris, trained coloratura soprano Victoria Grant,