Yaphet Kotto Archive

Midnight Run (1988)

Bounty hunter Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro) is sent to find and return bail jumper and

The Running Man (1987)

Taglines: 2019. A game nobody survives. This year might be the exception. In the year 2017,

Eye of the Tiger (1986)

Taglines: Just a man and his will to survive… Buck Matthews (Gary Busey) is a former

The Star Chamber (1983)

Taglines: They meet. They judge. They execute… All in the name of the law. Judge Steven

Brubaker (1980)

Taglines: The most wanted man in Wakefield prison is the warden. When the new warden comes

Alien (1979)

Taglines: Sometimes the scariest things come from within. Alien is a 1979 British-American science-fiction horror film