1982 Releases Archive

Zapped! (1982)

Taglines: The comedy that won’t let you down! Barney Springboro (Scott Baio) is a high school

Young Doctors in Love (1982)

An ‘Airplane’-style spoof of hospital soap operas: a brilliant young trainee can’t stand the sight of

Yol (1982)

Taglines: The story of three families’ search for freedom. The film is a portrait of Turkey

The Year of Living Dangerously (1982)

Taglines: A Love caught in the fire Of revolution. Guy Hamilton is a journalist on his

Wrong Is Right (1982)

A satire of American news reporting, Covert Agencies, and political system. The theft of two suitcase

The World According to Garp (1982)

Taglines: Robin Williams is Garp. He’s got a funny way of looking at life. T.S. Garp

Die Weiße Rose – The White Rose (1982)

During the Second World War, a small group of students at Munich University begin to question

Visiting Hours (1982)

Taglines: In this hospital your next visit may be your last. Deborah Ballin is a controversial

Victor Victoria (1982)

Taglines: The disguise surprise comedy of the year! In 1934 Paris, trained coloratura soprano Victoria Grant,

Vice Squad (1982)

Taglines: On the street, the real trick is staying alive. A Los Angeles businesswoman, known only