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Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (1989)

The story of this social satire and soap parody follows two rich white upper class families

Miles from Home (1988)

The Roberts family farm in Iowa is a prosperous one. Frank Roberts, Sr. and his two

Sammy and Rosie Get Laid (1987)

Taglines: While London burns… Sammy and Rosie are an unconventional middle-class London married couple. They live

Matewan (1987)

Taglines: It takes more than guns to kill a man. Mingo County, West Virginia, 1920. Coal

Julia and Julia – Giulia e Giulia (1988)

Taglines: A love trapped between two worlds. Julia, an American woman living in Trieste, Italy, becomes

Tea in the Harem – Le Thé au Harem d’Archimède (1985)

“Tea in the Harem” is soft-core slice of life. It follows a couple of teen-agers, Madjid

The Coca Cola Kid (1985)

Taglines: A movie felt never so refreshing! An eccentric marketing guru visits a Coca-Cola subsidiary in

The Brother from Another Planet (1984)

The sweet-natured and honest Brother looks like an ordinary African American man, distinguished only by his

El Norte (1983)

Taglines: The magical film that reveals the world between the dream and the reality. Mayan Indian