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The Rainbow (1989)

Ken Russell’s loose adaptation of the last part of D.H. Lawrence’s “The Rainbow” sees impulsive young

Parents (1989)

Taglines: There’s aA new name for terror… Michael Laemie (played by Brian Madorsky) is a young

Dream a Little Dream (1989)

Taglines: With dreams like these who needs reality? The lives of a crusty old scientist and

Cat Chaser (1989)

Taglines: Passion. Greed. Murder. Tonight they pay. An American veteran (Weller) of the Dominican Republic intervention

And God Created Woman (1988)

Taglines: On the Seventh Day, He got Creative. Robin Shea (Rebecca De Mornay) is a convict

The Lair of the White Worm (1988)

Scottish archaeologist Angus Flint discovers an odd skull amid the ruins of a convent that he

The Fruit Machine (1988)

Eddie and Michael are two 16-year-old best friends on the brink of adulthood. They are both

Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)

Taglines: A recent poll showed that 3 out of 4 aliens believe… Earth Girls Are Easy.

Call Me (1988)

Taglines: Her fantasies could be fatal. Anna, a young and energetic journalist, receives an obscene call

Burning Secret (1988)

This symbol-filled story, filmed with sensuous detail and nuance, is set in Austria in the 1920s.