Radioactive Dreams (1985)

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After an atomic war Phillip Hammer and Marlowe Chandler have spent 15 years on their own in a bunker, stuffed with junk from the 40s and old detective novels. Now, 19 years old, they leave their shelter to find a world full of mutants, freaks and cannibals. They become famous detectives in the struggle for the two keys that could fire the last nuclear weapon.

Radioactive Dreams is a 1985 post-apocalyptic science fiction-comedy film. The film was directed by Albert Pyun, and stars George Kennedy, Michael Dudikoff, Don Murray, and Lisa Blount. The two main characters are named after a combination of noir detective fiction icons, Philip Marlowe, Raymond Chandler and Mike Hammer. The film has recently revival cult status as it screened as part of several cult screenings programs around the world.

Radioactive Dreams Movie Poster (1985)

Radioactive Dreams (1985)

Directed by: Albert Pyun
Starring: John Stockwell, Michael Dudikoff, Michele Little, Lisa Blount, Don Murray, George Kennedy, Hilary Shepard, Kimberly McKillip
Screenplay by: Albert Pyun
Production Design by: Chester Kaczenski
Cinematography by: Charles Minsky
Film Editing by: Dennis M. O’Connor
Costume Design by: Christine Boyar
Set Decoration by: Bob Ziembicki
Music by: Peter Manning Robinson
Distributed by: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
Release Date: September 10, 1985