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George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead (2008)

Tagline: Shoot the dead. Fiction turns into reality for a group of film students who set

Hell Ride (2008)

Taglines: Bikes, babes and blood. Hell Ride is an American feature film from Larry Bishop being

The Longshots (2008)

Tagline: The new coach has a secret weapon. From Ice Cube, the star of such hits

Rogue (2008)

Tagline: Welcome to the terrortory. “Rogue” centers on a cynical U.S. travel writer who goes on

Superhero Movie (2008)

Finally, the guys behind the outrageously silly “Scary Movie” franchise have used their own ‘special powers’

Planet Terror (Grindhouse) (2007)

Taglines: You might feel a little prick. In a rural town in Texas, go-go dancer Cherry

Death Proof (Grindhouse) (2007)

Taglines: These 8 Women Are About To Meet 1 Diabolical Man! Austin, Texas. The opening titles

Halloween (2007)

Tagline: Evil has a destiny. The residents of Haddonfield don’t know it yet… but death is

Stephen King’s The Mist (2007)

Taglines: Dark days are coming. David Drayton (Thomas Jane) and his young son Billy (Nathan Gamble)

1408 (2007)

Tagline: The only demons in room 1408 are those within you. Adapted from the terrifying short

Black Christmas (2006)

Black Christmas tells the story of Billy Lenz, a young boy who was abused by his

Feast (2006)

Tagline: They’re hungry. You’re dinner. A group of strangers gather in a bar where they’re attacked

Pulse (2006)

Tagline: There are some frequencies we were never meant to find. A website which at first

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D (2005)

Tagline: Smaller Heroes. Just As Super. Sometimes the most amazing superheroes are the ones inside your

The Brothers Grimm (2005)

Tagline: Eliminating Evil Since 1812. When the French government figures out what they’re up to, they

Cursed (2005)

Tagline: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The highly anticipated reunion of Wes Craven and