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Coneheads (1993)

Taglines: Heading your way. An alien couple known as Beldar and Prymatt with cone-shaped heads from

Cliffhanger (1993)

Taglines: Hang on! Whilst crossing a ledge, 4000 feet above the earth, Gabe’s friend’s equipment fails

The Cemetery Club (1993)

Based on the play by Ivan Menchell, this comedy-drama concerns three friends, Doris (Olympia Dukakis), Lucille

The Cement Garden (1994)

Taglines: Love knows no limits. After the death of her husband, the mother of Julie, Jack,

Carlito’s Way Movie Trailer (1993)

Ten years after they made “Scarface,” Al Pacino and director Brian De Palma are back with

Carlito’s Way (1993)

Taglines: Sometimes, when you want to come clean, you have to play dirty. A Puerto Rican

Caro Diario – Dear Diary (1994)

Nanni Moretti directs himself playing himself in this wry look at life. Presented in three chapters,

Calendar Girl (1993)

Like many adolescent boys, Roy Darpinian had the hots for movie divas, and one in particular

CB4 (1993)

Taglines: Sex, rap and family values? Three young friends and aspiring rappers, Albert (Chris Rock), Euripides

A Bronx Tale (1993)

Gangster Sonny is the big man in the Bronx neighborhood of an Italian small boy named

Boxing Helena Movie Trailer (1993)

Surely you’ve heard about Jennifer Chambers Lynch’s “Boxing Helena” by now. It’s the film that made

Boxing Helena (1993)

Taglines: Beyond love, beyond obsession, there hides something beyond reason. Nick Cavanaugh is a lonely Atlanta

Born Yesterday (1993)

A businessman shows up in Washington to lobby agendas that are friendly to his construction plans.

Boiling Point (1993)

Taglines: He’s a cop who reached the Boiling Point. Red is an aging scam-artist who’s just

Body Snatchers Movie Trailer (1994)

Sometimes I’ll be looking at someone I know, and a wave of uncertainty will sweep over

Body Snatchers (1994)

Taglines: They’d kill…to be you. Steve Malone, an agent from the Environmental Protection Agency, is sent

Body of Evidence Movie Trailer (1993)

No one doubts that Madonna is a marketing genius, so how did she overlook the most

Body of Evidence (1993)

Taglines: This is the murder weapon. Her name is Rebecca. A millionaire is found dead of

Bodies, Rest and Motion Movie Trailer (1993)

“Bodies, Rest and Motion” takes its title from Newton’s first law of motion, the one that

Bodies, Rest and Motion (1993)

Taglines: Nick is leaving. Beth is staying. Carol is waiting. Sid is painting. Nick is a