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Desperado Movie Trailer (1995)

Robert Rodriguez originally meant to leave the hero of “El Mariachi” shot in the hand, with

Desperado (1995)

Taglines: He came back to settle the score with someone. Anyone. EVERYONE. With this sequel to

Demon Knight (1995)

Taglines: Ready for your deadtime story? On a film set, The Crypt Keeper directs an installment

Dead Presidents (1995)

Taglines: In this daring heist, the only color that counts is green. In the spring of

Dead Man Walking (1995)

A convicted murderer on Death Row and the nun who befriends him. Through the portrayal of

Dead Man (1996)

Taglines: No one can survive becoming a legend. Dead Man is the story of a young

Dangerous Minds (1995)

Taglines: She broke the rules… and changed their lives. LouAnne Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer), a discharged U.S.

Cutthroat Island (1995)

In 1668 Jamaica, Morgan Adams hunts down her uncle and fellow pirate Dawg Brown, who has

The Cure (1995)

Taglines: Two boys found a way to make one summer last a lifetime. Dexter, age 11,

The Crossing Guard (1995)

Taglines: Some lives cross, others collide. After his daughter died in a hit and run, Freddy

Crimson Tide (1995)

Taglines: On khe brink of nuclear war, two men clash over the fate of the world.

Copycat Movie Trailer (1995)

Anyone who has helped make “Seven” the most popular film of recent weeks should be interested

Copycat (1995)

In San Francisco, the criminal psychologist Helen Hudson is specialized in serial-killers. During a trial, the

Congo (1995)

Taglines: Where you are the endangered species. A megalomaniac C.E.O. sends his son into the dangerous

Clueless (1995)

Taglines: Sex. Clothes. Popularity. Is there a problem here? Alicia Silverstone plays Cherilyn “Cher” Horowitz, a

Clockers (1995)

Taglines: When there’s murder on the streets, everyone is a suspect. In a Brooklyn housing project,

The City of Lost Children (1995)

Taglines: Where happily ever after is just a dream. Krank (Daniel Emilfork), a highly intelligent but

Circle of Friends (1995)

Taglines: Sometimes dreams do come true. ‘Circle Of Friends’ is set in 1950’s Ireland. The movie

La Cérémonie (1996)

The upper-class owner of a gallery, Catherine Lelievre, hires the efficient and quiet maid Sophie to

Casper Movie Trailer (1995)

It’s easy to see why Casper the Friendly Ghost has such an appeal for small children.