1994 Releases Archive

Trapped in Paradise (1994)

Taglines: Small town… Big trouble! At Christmas time, New York restaurant manager Bill Firpo’s (Nicolas Cage)

Wyatt Earp (1994)

Taglines: The epic story of love and adventure in a lawless land. Directed by Lawrence Kasdan,

Wolf (1994)

Taglines: Beware. Worn down and out of luck, aging publisher Will Randall is at the end

Wild Reeds – Les Roseaux Sauvages (1994)

The film is set in southwest France in 1962. François (Gaël Morel), a shy young man

With Honors (1994)

Taglines: If you want a degree go to Harvard. If you want an education go to

Widows’ Peak (1994)

Taglines: At Widows Peak a newcomer will always be the talk of the town… but this

When a Man Loves a Woman Movie Trailer (1994)

Here is a wise and ambitious film about the way alcoholism affects the fabric of a

When a Man Loves a Woman (1994)

Taglines: What love built a secret could destroy… A dramatic treatment of a family torn apart

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994)

Taglines: This time, staying awake won’t save you. It’s nearing the 10th Anniversary of the film

The War (1994)

Taglines: What’s worth fighting for? Stephen (Kevin Costner), a shell-shocked Vietnam veteran, returns from a mental

Vanya on 42nd Street (1994)

In New York, the cast of Anton Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya” rehearse the play in a dilapidated

An Unforgettable Summer (1994)

The film’s plot, which develops as a flashback narrated by Dumitriu’s young son, opens with what

True Lies (1994)

Taglines: When he said I do, he never said what he did. Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Trial by Jury (1994)

Taglines: For one juror, the question of guilt or innocence is a matter of life or

Tom and Viv (1994)

Taglines: For better, for worse, forever. This romantic drama chronicles the tumultuous love affair between American

Timecop (1994)

Taglines: They killed his wife ten years ago. There’s still time to save her. Murder is

Threesome (1994)

Taglines: One girl. Two guys. Three possibilities. Eddy and Stuart share two-thirds of a dormitory suite.

Three Colors: Red (1994)

University student Valentine Dussault (Irène Jacob) in Geneva is talking to her possessive boyfriend in London

Three Colors: White (1994)

After opening with a brief, seemingly irrelevant scene of a suitcase on an airport carousel, the

Terminal Velocity (1994)

Taglines: It is not the fall that kills you. A Boeing 747 lands in the middle